FutureVisioning with Valerie LemmeFutureVisioning™ is a revolutionary modality, filled with powerful NEW metaphysical and practical tools that you will not find in any other system. If you have spent years in therapy working on your personal and spiritual growth, if you have been going to doctors and taking medicines, going to healers, trying diets, doing yoga, going for chiropractor treatments, energy balancing sessions and seminars but still feel frustrated, FutureVisioning™ will finally allow you to see why those methods didn’t work. It will show you how to create real healing and transformation.

If you are really tired of the same old positive thinking, simplistic half-truths and spiritual platitudes telling you to “Do your affirmations”, “Be in the moment”, “Raise your vibration” and “Everything happens for a reason”, then you’ll love FutureVisioning™.

I’m the first person that Ti Caine has trained to do his FutureVisioning™ Process.

After a painful childhood and 39 years of suffering with serious physical and emotional pain and trying every medical, healing and growth process I could find, my life looked pretty normal on the outside, but inside I was in agony. I tried so many programs, healing modalities, healers and therapies, both alternative and conventional, but I never got the results I really desired.

FutureVisioning with Valerie LemmeDuring the last 10 years of this frustrating, lifelong search for healing, I became a hypnotherapist. I then applied to and was accepted in the Journey Practitioner program, which required an intensive training in America and England and taught us how to welcome and process our emotions. At first this seemed very helpful but as time went I was still in terrible physical and emotional pain. My marriage was headed toward inevitable disaster, and I was feeling hopeless about my career. Despite all those accumulated years of knowledge and experience, I finally had to admit that I couldn’t heal myself and that my clients were only getting mediocre or sporadically successful results.

By taking the initial courageous leap to become Ti’s FutureVisioning™ client, I was finally able to heal my body and save my marriage. Because I healed my whole life through this amazing program, I decided to become a FutureVisioning™ Practitioner. My healing practice transformed, and now my life is filled with more vitality, love and success than I ever dreamt possible. After a lifetime of trying every technique I could find, I ultimately discovered that FutureVisioning™ worked where all else failed. This is a whole-life success system and is based on principles that get deeper and stronger over time.

Do you want to know why the “highs” from all those seemingly great meditations, treatments and seminars you’ve done didn’t last? Here is the secret: If you don’t change your future, those beautiful changes can’t last. Most psychological, healing and growth models are based on the past or Being in the Now. Ti’s FutureVisioning™ process is the only healing/growth process in the world that is built on understanding and developing the incredible power of our relationship with the Future.

So here is the secret again: if you don’t create a bright future, those beautiful feelings can never last.

The world can be yoursIf you’re in a difficult relationship and have tried everything and almost given up, FutureVisioning™ will rock your world!

If you’re one of the millions of people who have been on a self-help, personal growth or spiritual journey and are frustrated, disillusioned or even worse, if you’re still sick and in pain, then please sign up! Start embarking on a journey of a lifetime. If your relationship or family issues are dragging you down, or you go into the office or your work environment and aren’t happy, start changing that now.

If you are a healer, therapist, life coach or holistic practitioner and you want better, faster and permanent results with your clients, sign up to find out more!

Please join me so you can create your own miracles and magic!  I’d love for you to know how!

Find out how FutureVisioning™ can launch your career into a whole new level of ease and success. Create the cooperation and collaboration you always wanted in your organization. We call this Visionary Organizations.

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Valerie_Lemme_At the age of 15 I asked the question “ Who am I and Why am I here?” and began the quest to answer that.  I had traveled to India and Europe and all over the United States looking for that answer.  My desire for understanding lead to exploring world religions, self-help, self-awareness and spirituality.

I loved people, but also had issues with anger and shame that stopped me from being able to really feel connected and fulfilled.   I’ve healed those now.

I live in New Jersey with my beloved husband Tom, and my son Jared lives in Delray Beach, Florida.  Yep…you can imagine where I go for vacations now!

And I did finally get to answer that 15 year old’s question…

“I am here because I chose to be here. I am here to create a wonderful future where I make a profound difference in the world. I am here to learn more about how to be Loved and a Loving spiritual being having a human experience. I am here to celebrate life and have FUN.”