Back Home and I’ll never Be the Same!!!

Well. This is so funny… really. There were 4 of us planning to stay in a “condo” in a tower right on Lake Ontario. Okay so what does this word condo convey to you? That there will be a bedroom (a least 1!!!) meeting area, kitchenette, bathroom… and oh yes… a WINDOW!!!…right?

Well we got the kitchenette and the bathroom. The rest…well sorry… but I can’t help it, went out the window with well…NO WINDOW!! We called it the “box”!

So put 4 people in a “box” with no cell phone reception…no TV…just us!!! And because of Futurevisioning (we are all participants in the Futurevisioning paradigm) we all transformed our lives over the five days we were all in this together!!! And I know that without this work, several of us might not have out of that experience alive!!

Physical, emotional and mental healings!! And then the 4 of us went outside Toronto up to King City to Annette Nolan’s Its All about You  Country Retreat Center (  Check out their picture gallery.  We attended two 1 day FutureVisioning Workshops…and I really think my life can never be the same again.

I witnessed magnificent breakthroughs for many of the people attending…30 the first day/40 the next.

I’m back home and not just happy… but excited…turned on… tears of gratitude to God/ Goddess/All that is. I’m renewed! How amazing to be alive. What a time to be alive. And I want to help usher in the paradigm shift. Did anyone ever tell you you can win at the game of Life!?

Buckminister Fuller, a colleague of Einstein…(you can google him) said “we can all live like billionaires” here on Earth.

Ti (visit first told me this…and with the letting go of much suppressed anger and hurt I can see the future of a World that Works for Everyone!!! Check out Lazaris audio (you can buy or livestream) I have one that is fine to share on my website on the events page But the most powerful one you can listen to is On Releasing Anger and Self-Pity.

So that and less TV!!! And I need to lose weight now!! So anyone else out there struggling with that…I’m absolutely FutueVisioning a slender healthy body!!! And making appropriate changes which (by the way) does not include dieting!!!!

Thank you everyone for your comments!!! Yes I need to get more proactive…for years I wanted to blog and well I’ve started and I’m a novice for sure.

Keep in touch becuase I love knowing you’re out there.