Picture1Have you ever thought…in the middle of a problem you’re facing…what if this is the best  I can expect? Did you ever feel the hopelessness of being unworthy?

Sometimes it’s not that obvious…we create defeat with small disabling beliefs that leave us unable to live the life we really want and to have and sustain our internal state of happiness and joy.

This 8 week course will allow you to explore, heal and remove the biggest blocks to having it all, self-love and happiness.

Shame cripples us… so we can still move forward but we carry such a weight. Yes each of us has our own form and some have more than others, but carrying shame is part and parcel of being human. But there is good news… shame like any other emotion has a positive and negative aspect and when looked at realistically and finally understood  can be transformed into remorse which heals you!

And Remorse becomes forgiveness and then forgiveness leads to Love and our ability to change and open our hearts and minds to new levels of success. So understanding the “why” of carrying shame is vitally important for personal freedom. And that’s what I want you to have…your “I deserve” attitude and you must remove the block of shame first.

There are 4 waves of Shame:

Learn how to heal them all:

  1. Infant shame  happens in our pre-verbal open state.This is like the water the fish swim in. You’re born into it and it is invisible but it determines so much of your experience of life.

  2. Childhood Shame  happens because we want our caretakers’ and parents’ love so much that we are willing to forsake ourselves or to create psychic contracts of pain in order to “get by”. We will explore and heal and release these.

  3. Adolescent Shame  holds us back as we transition from childhood into high school curriculum and our deepening friendships and preparation for becoming an adult.

  4. Adult Shame is not taught in any other system that I know of besides the information that we will be studying here. Adult shame often is the biggest block to our own success. Once you’ve handled and healed this mistaken belief along with the taboo emotions that have been suppressed…you can create Miraculous Success.

Adult shame is the most devastating for curtailing our success and often even though we have wonderful lives we can’t enjoy the beauty of all that surrounds us.

Finally, healing Shame requires specific techniques for each wave. We will complete this beautiful journey together and you can move into reclaiming your power.

There will be shared audios and one and one time with Valerie as well.

Next webinar  starts Tuesday June30th – August 18th  at 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM $349

For people who are new to FutureVisioning there will be an extra evening to get an Introduction to FutureVisioning Principles $389.00. This evening will be held a week before the Beyond Shame: I Deserve Webinar  June 23rd at 7:30 PM-9:30 pm

Pre-registration is required for both options.