CONVERSATION about the Goddess- She IS real!

I had an “email” conversation with a client that changed her life. I have her approval to publish our email thread and share this with you. A few weeks later she had the flash of recognition …an answer internal and yet so profound… that…all the people she met were God and Goddess… here to teach her, for her to learn from and in that moment…her asthmatic condition lifted and she could breathe.

Our bodies tell us when we are following and perceiving the Truth…the pain stops…we are free and there is an opening into greater understanding…here is the dialogue that aided in her insight and healing…after I sent her some materials to read…
Q. I’m left still wanting to know if we ever really get to meet God/Goddess/All that Is after we die? Is the reality of life after death only our imagination…Is anything “real?” We know it’s so easy to “lose consciousness and/or memory” just by banging our head too hard, so how can we remember anything at all once we no longer have our brainwaves (electrically) functioning?
Why was the whole God/Heaven/Sin/Hell created if we’re not supposed to “fear or serve” anybody? Where is the justice for the “Hitlers” of the world…I mean he murdered over 6 million people, including babies, if there is no Hell…then what does he get? Who/What creates(ed) viruses and bacteria if there is no singular God, and we are the beginning and end of reality? Lazaris wrote that since consciousness is multidimensional, we can party with all the people we love after death – including those still alive. But how can we party with them while they are crying mourning our death?

A. I think you’re missing the point here…you can KNOW God/Goddess/All that Is while you are alive!!! That is the much more potent and immediate feeling. It is the experience of pure love. Because we philosophize which is also important…I think we don’t get to that deepest “experience”. You want a total “grok”” to occur not just an ineffective theory. That is why “being right” is so detrimental or limited…yes you get to be “right” but you don’t feel the Love.
That is my experience of God and Goddess… they are real…they know me and I am becoming more and more aware of them. I don’t have to wait to “know them” when I die, because I am made of them!!! I can know them now. In my own way. WE are connected at the purest level of our being. And what is real is your emotions… what is real is consciousness. Of course our reality here feels real as it should…but it is a dream. Your higher self which is a part of God/Goddess/All that Is Knows who you really are. Go Lazaris about discovering God/Goddess. I think you will see that there are methods to experience the Divine while we are still here…

Sin and Hell were “created” because of our Negative Ego. I believe hell is here on earth…as is heaven. We created all of those. The part of us that wants to be God not in co-creation with God and Goddess is the part of us that wants to be in control and be right…and does not consider qualitative experiences at all.

Q. So, there is no unique God/Goddess/All that Is, with his/her own will, wants, desires, personality? I mean, my kids are a part of me, but they’re still not me. They’re them, and they think like them. I want to know if there’s a God/Goddess/All that Is apart from myself. You know what I mean – the one that’s powerful, a higher more intelligent being than ourselves, the one that set the whole universe into self-renewing and sustaining action.

A: Ohh…yes there is…God (masculine divine) Goddess (feminine divine) They are real and they have individuation as well as the ability to create…instantly anything they want. They are separate beings and also simultaneously the whole…hence the All that is in their name. That includes very much…us and our reality. Further they love you and want you to succeed. They do not intervene to rescue you because they know you are a powerful being becoming like them. They know you can rescue and heal yourself!!! They Love you and you are part of them.
So even though we fall asleep when we come here…the whole point is to awaken.