Gearing Up for Success

I know its been a while. My sincere apologies. I’ve begun writing about how I came to FutureVisioning. It’s an article about my life long desire  and yearning to be free. So I haven’t been attending to my blog. In my memoir  I get to trudge through, in retrospect, the different modalities I tried to get “there”. Sigh. Yes…that elusive …there.

Or the word “there” interchangeable with the word “here”…which all of us want so desperately…to be in the moment. And I have to say…that was not my issue…not really. I could capture the moment intensely from time to time. But there was this veil of worry…like white noise in the background…that you don’t even notice anymore until you turn off that darn machine and there is true silence.

My issue was  the despair of not being able to see a bright future for myself. For the world…sure that was no problem…I knew in my heart of hearts that mankind was indeed going to “make it”. But I left myself out of the equation…as if I were a blank…a space that was not being used or having much impact on the world. So in other words…the world would make it…in spite of me…besides me. So you can imagine the hopelessness that created. And yet, I never put two and two together. Never. Until I met Ti and until I met my suppressed anger and taboo emotions. Until I reclaimed by personal spiritual power.

So here is my new equation. Every person has something to give to the world…something of benefit. Some of us on  a smaller scale and some of us on larger levels. And for each of us…it is not some far away, unobtainable dream. Its woven into the fabric of your daily life. Waiting to be discovered…waiting for you to wake up. Life turns out not to be a series of crisis and accidents…but transforms into a world of wonderment and lots of serendipity. Magic…my friends. I don’t just believe…I know.