Getting Ready

So I just booked my flights to Toronto for the end of October. There are two conferences there…check out these out  by visiting my website on the events page.

The feelings I have are excitement and just a bit of fear of the unknown, which is very funny since I have a place to stay…some one picking me up at the airport…( thanks Nikki!) and a wonderful woman I’ve met through our mutual fascination and love of FutureVisioning… arriving and departing Toronto airport at the same time. Donna lives in British Columbia and I can feel the thrill of being able to met and spend time with many. many wonderful people, including people I’ve worked with who live in that area

But traveling by myself always puts me outside of my comfort zone…and yet I welcome that! Every once and a while I need the “push”. And finally I’ll be meeting Ti in person…the founder and creator of FutureVisioning. I intend to be like a sponge and soak up…well….everything!!

I’m loving the possibility of the World wide Meditation happening on October 23rd. Free livestreaming!!! So come and be a part of this global event!!!