Here in Canada…what the world looks like

So the two day conference is over and I  the speakers were thoughtful and informative. I’ve met so many people who truly want the planet Earth to make it. Can we do It? Ti (finally we met!) informed us the first night we arrived that as of Monday, Oct 31st there will be 7 billion people on the planet. This has never happen before (at least in recorded history).  I appears that there are different projects for when we arrive to this unprecedented number however. ( google: 7 billion) He asked everyone to give their first reaction to this…one person was scared about our species running out of resources…food, fuel, water etc. Others were concerned about governments and civil unrest (as if that’s not already in trouble!!!) I was the only one who felt this was a positive milestone…that what is happening on Earth right now is SO significant…so important that everyone wants to be HERE…on this beautiful blue and green planet floating on our Milky Way Galaxy. We are entering a new age…so very soon.

I’m writing this in my hotel conference center so my ability to give you names and numbers are limited…but check out Greg Bradon and Heartmath. There is  a lot of hope for the crisis that we are now facing. And we can determine the outcome…and all it takes is one person.  In other words…we all count!!!  So it might be amazing to get many people seeing a Brightest Future for the world. And that said there is only one way to have that happen…your individual future…my individual future needs to be bright first!!! Ti will be having a teleseminar coming up this Tuesday I’ll post Tuesday early with details …I know I have to start tweeting…when I get back to the states it’s at the top of my list!!