How We… and I hold myself back

We live in a loving & abundant universe.  This is one of the FutureVisioning™ principles. So why do we struggle? Our ideas about who we are and what we can accomplish actually can hold us back as well as move us forward. So many times we read or hear about how we attract to ourselves what we desire. And yet this is a very simplistic image. Every one of us is a myriad of many different impulses, emotions, thoughts, feeling and desires. Some desires conflict or negate each other while others support and bolster each other. Hence most of us have that funny mix of success in some areas, very clearly and then whole areas of life where we continually struggle. We simply do not like looking at the areas where we continually or sporadically fail or where we self-sabotage. It can be painful and require a brutal honesty with ourselves. From my own experience if I don’t look at those areas… they continue to exert huge impact in my life.

I know for myself facing the sober reality of parts of myself that are unkind to myself or others, thoughtless, clueless, and at the very heart of the issue punishing… is very painful. Facing this pain has been for me the most cathartic process…of changing my suppressed (unhealthy) shame of having something wrong with me into my remorse (healthy shame) for the opportunities I denied myself or others because of my limited idea of who I was or what I deserved. I forgive myself and those who collaborated on the dishonesty. I start to love myself and see myself as the possibility of opening, receiving…Loving and being Loved.

And we live in a loving and abundant universe…so I have a chance now to still have all my dreams come true. I must face my dark, shadow self. Turn on the light of consciousness and the universe (internally and externally) becomes brighter. And the Truth is… it always was.