I’m leaving on a jet plane!!!

Wow! What a ride. And I’m not even at the airport yet. There is a growing sense of community and we are all excited about converging in Toronto!!! FutureVisioning is my mission. Thank you Ti Caine (visit www.futurevisioning.com). This week I’ve had two spontaneous healings with clients while I was on the telephone with them!!! In the moment healing. Don’t you think we all need this.

I just want to say how delighted I am at everyone’s comments. To say that this has changed my life would be an understatement. I’m watching the world right now…tettering toward a new SHIFT! All those people around the world (Occupy Wall Street) gathering to let government and business know we need a new Paradigm. I’m not there physically but I’m here in spirit knowing that we can all win at the game of life. And it’s time to do it. Face the manipulation…and what do I mean by that?

No one is going to hand it to you. You must ask!!! and you must relinquish the hidden nobility that thinks I deserve without right action and honesty.  I believe in aligning ourselves with the Divine/All That IS/ The Universe/God/ Goddess/Presence…whatever you want to call it…it is Powerful. When we enter into partnership with that force… our lives begin to work.

I’m a big believer in honesty. Not only do you find out who the other person is when your honest…but you find out who you ARE!

So I’ve found myself a couple of times lately with pie on my face…and very happy to see that I was mistaken!! I had misinterpreted the person’s meaning and would not have found out unless I asked…followed that hurt feeling into action instead of suppression and brooding etc!!! And…no one was lessened or bruised. We all walked away quite fine.

I feel that I’m going to Toronto to become part of something bigger than me…to add my voice to the voices of others. Kind of like a choir or a symphony.  (see my linked in message below!!!)

Hi All,
Hello Friends, Great news! I am so happy to announce that the 2012 Gateway to Your Future Conference is now available livestreaming in your home for FREE!* So please join us for the whole conference or for the two free world wide meditations. I’ll be at the conference in Toronto. My mentor Ti Caine is one of the keynote speakers and there are two amazing meditations available Sat and Sun for Free. Come join and be a force for Good,
*(If you want the conference available as a download until December of 2011 that costs $47.)
To find out more click the link below or copy and paste into your browser
Let’s make the World a Place that Works for Everyone


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    Hi thanks for the feedback! will be adding more soon!

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    Awesome. Love it when people see what I’m writing. Thanks for your comments

  • Valerie Lemme

    Thank you. Great to hear. My mentor Ti Caine and I are writing a book. sign up on my website if you’d like to hear more about that. it will be available on amazon.com soon.