Whether you prefer a group setting like a  live in-person workshop, group teleseminar or private sessions, you can create profound changes in your life very quickly when you utilize the FutureVisioning™ techniques  even if the block or painn has been there for many years!.  You connect with your Bright Future and  design your ideal Life. You step into that vision and feel and see yourself healed and successful in all areas …Emotional, Mental, Physical, Spiritual, Financial, Career, Social, Family, Your Home, Your Contribution, Your Hobbies or Pastimes and Intimate Relationships.

Why does this work so fast?

Work Life Balance SignpostYou’ve heard the  expression “not seeing the forest for the trees” example ? Well that was my experience. All the other modalities I tried had lots of the same trees in it as FutureVisioning but none of them had the whole forest!  Like  the Tierre de Chardin quote  you are a spiritual being having a human experience , not a human being having a spiritual experience.and when you work on the spiritual level…there is a perspective, a holistic approach…that gives you the opprotunity to heal in a way that is not availabl when you shift through the minutia…

Why would we cover this in an emotional and physical pain program? Because your pain is always a result of a dark future! And as you start to break up these negative patterns  you will start to alleviate and heal your pain. Once you have  this overview and a real relationship to your Wise Old Future Self you have a powerful  way to  go back and heal your past blocks, and remove them… allowing a complete alignment between your Past, Present and Future. This creates very fast movement forward, and often issues that have lingered for years are healed over the course of our time together sometimes even during the session.

We work together  through closed-eyed processing, writing, listening to required audios and coaching over a period of time (one to two months). Your progress and application of The Metaphysical Principles of FutureVisioning will give you the Inner Happiness, Joy and Love you want, as well as Success and Abundance. Yes, this will take time and commitment on your part, and will yield steady satisfying gains, and most importantly, be FUN.

To put it plainly…your life will change for the better, very rapidly and in many areas.


FutureVisioning™ Foundation Program

We will spend 15 hours working together. There will be support materials to listen to,  read and write on your own time. This Program is the first step to consciously creating your Life for the rest of your life!! And  one of the wonderful aspects of this work: you bond with Your Awesome Future Self to assist and teach you to create an Awesome Future. These Powerful principles enable to you see how you create your reality (all of it!) and so with this perspective you start learning from your success instead of from your pain and suffering. This truly is a paradigm shift.

Current price  $1597.00

Bonuses: Support materials and MP3s.

FutureVisioning™ Continuing Success Programs

1. One on One

After the Foundation Program you can deepen in the work and start implementing the principles with more confidence! Remember this is a paradigm shift and will empower as you apply the FutureVisioning™ Metaphysical principles in your daily life. The Continuing Expansion is customized to your needs so you can purchase more individual sessions, or half or full packages.

Full Package: $1597.00

Ready to commit to the 30 hour program The Foundation and How to have It All? Special Discounted rate of $2647.oo

That’s 547.00 savings. Or :

2. How to Have It All Teleseminar

* FutureVisioning™ Ongoing Support Plan

Often times you are off and running and making steady progress in your life after you complete your FutureVisioning™  programs, yet you’ll want to stay in touch, and so I offer ongoing monthly integration calls where we can look at your individual  progress, answer questions, and address concerns. Most importantly this creates the ability to detect  and correct brewing negative reality creations and then circumvent and bring you back into alignment with your Brightest Future.

$200.00 per month includes two or three sessions (total hours 2.5 hours)

Must complete the Foundation program to qualify.

FutureVisioning™ Relationship Re-Pair

It often helps to have the people in your closest circles to understand the work that you are exploring and learning. The real changes that the first person in a relationship will make often inspires the other partner to want to learn for themselves. Sometimes couples will join in the first Foundational Program and we will have a couple’s session. However, the most successful results occur when both people commit to their individual Bright Futures and then their Combined Bright Future. I offer a discount for couples so they can move together beautifully and start building a life that is truly WIN/WIN.

Current Price $2797.00, saving on two foundation programs $397.00

If you are interested and ready to change your life, call me for a free 45 minute consultation.

I work with:

  • Individuals

  • Couples

  • Organizations and Companies

I love to do:

  • Speaking Engagements

  • Presentations

* Sessions take approx 2-3 hrs. The more education you pursue on your own time with my direction, the faster the processes go and the deeper and faster you’ll apply the FutureVisioning™ principles in your Life. Sessions can be in person, Skype (video conferencing) or on the telephone. Recordings are made of the processes and will be made available to you.