So No More Fear…what happened?

Since my last blog…I’ve spoken to several people who are heading up to Toronto and we spoke about what we wanted to manifest while we were there. And I got off the phone and suddenly…the little fear, really the small uncertainty that I wrote about last blog was gone. I felt so clear and happy.

And once again the role of having clarity about my future deepened. Each time I see the equanimity that comes from having a REAL relationship with my future…the certainty that not only I am on the right road…but the  greater fact that my life is going to get better and better…(and that is what I’m expecting!!).

So Toronto here I come! It appears to be an amazing 10 day trip with two wonderful conferences where Ti (my mentor) and the creator of Futurevisioning will be speaking and presenting.

I know my healing,  and ability to be happy will become more ingrained. I know I’ll be meeting new people who will become friends. I know I’ll be seeing friends who are dear to my heart…I know the world is waking up and beginning to heal for all of us.