• I am a single mom and a nurse with unstable diabetes. Despite monthly doctor’s visits and oral medication my blood sugar was off the charts! Now my blood sugar numbers are lower than I ever thought possible. People tell me I’m glowing and am much softer and approachable. The truth is, despite all the healing work I did before, I was not able to heal myself. Now I am and I’ve lost 11 lbs and have a very bright future as well! Also, I walk around in a permanent state of Love! I am really learning to love myself, and the people around me are starting to profoundly change the way they treat me. There is more respect and I am speaking up bravely and kindly and getting my needs met!  What a gift to give to my son and all the people I meet!

    Grace Morales
    Grace Morales
  • Finally I am happy in myself. I don’t feel like I need some one else to complete me. I know the Love I’ve been looking for is inside, and I can’t wait to share it with someone special.  This is something that I never thought would be possible, I’m happy… really happy.   I healed my terrible back pain as well. I stressed over money all the time, even when I was making a lot of money.  Now I believe that there is no lack in the universe. I used to freak out and think I had insurmountable problems…now I view the issues in front of me as  items or things to be dealt with…and the resolutions come so much more quickly. It’s magical!! And I found my wonderful partner in life now. What do you want? You can have it!

    Diana De Gennaro
    Diana De Gennaro
  • I have known Valerie for many years and have been doing FutureVisioning™ processes with her. These have been very positive and fulfilling. A few weeks ago we did a process for success and prosperity. Over the following two days, two new clients and two very large deals came my way along with funds to accomplish them. I highly recommend this work.

  • I recently developed a sinus infection and when this happens even with medication it usually lingers for weeks. I saw Valerie three days after my infection began and afterward my infection had almost disappeared. The insights that I uncovered concerning life patterns and beliefs have dramatically changed my life for the better. I would recommend Valerie to anyone who would like to move their life forward to a more positive and healthy place.

    Marie Oiver, M.Ed.Registered Jin Shin Do Practitioner NJ certified Body Worker
  • Amazing …amazing! Valerie is such a great teacher and healer. I have taken many courses and modalities to improve myself and I am so amazed that FutureVisioning works so quickly and so well. All the issues that have been the underlying reason for all my procrastination, self-doubt, and lack of abundance have come up to the surface and are being healed. I have gone deeper than ever before… and have lost weight easily. My blood sugar is steady and in a healthy range more then ever before. I’m taking care of myself. FutureVisioning™, took me beyond the limits and changed my life. I know so clearly now when a situation is toxic or beneficial for me. With FutureVisioning™ it’s so clear how, when and where you can go. No more guess work!!! Every day is brighter and brighter. I sleep and wake up feeling better every day being able to live in way that is totally loving and caring. Thanks!

    Paula J. Zimmerman
  • As a practitioner Valerie Lemme is perceptive, intuitive, experienced and aware. She stays present with you every step of your process creating a safe space for you to become aware of some of your unconscious ways of operating. She is truly committed to her work and, as such, is committed to her client’s success. I personally have experienced a shift under her care.

  • Your caring makes me feel that we must be worthy of the amazing work and time you put into helping us.When I am hurting as I am today, it is a great comfort to have someone who really cares.There is no one in my life that I feel this quite the way I do with you.  No one gives of him/herself as you do.Bless you. Hope was missing when I started the day today and it is present with me now.

  • This is crazy stuff Valerie. I don’t know how you do this with people.  Get down there in all the twisted crazy emotional stuff. I’ve never been able to dig this deep into my emotional baggage. You are incredibly talented.