Wake Up, open your eyes and start dreaming

Okay… sounds good…right? But what happens when you do this? You rouse from the numbed out state of playing small or giving up your ambitions or just frankly fitting in. You throw off the mantle of complacency and start changing. Wanting more at first and seeing it. Instead of just assuming someday it will all work out, you start to work with life, with hope and with enthusiasm. You imagine a Bright Future, and you know in your heart that it’s real. Not only that; now you can see that it calls to you…beckons you forward.

You discover there is a magnet in your heart that wants your life to mean something and also wants to play, to have fun and be exhilarated by watching as you manifest your dreams. But that part has been buried under an accumulation of fears, disappointments and frustrations. Piling up, giving you proof…that yes life can’t always work. And even as a part of you struggles to keep positive, keep your eye on the prize slowly but surely you get worn down. Until finally you resign yourself. You give up and you slowly fall asleep. Not all of you. No. But parts of you, and those parts of you are absolutely essential for your true success.

And one day you hear really good news. You don’t have to suffer. You don’t have to grow through pain and suffering. You don’t have to pay the piper, or “pay your dues”. Someone mentions that you create your reality.

Question: Really?  Answer: Yes!


By causing and allowing… you create it all! You are the writer, director and producer of your play. This perspective gives you hope. Finally it dawns on you that if you created all the pain, all the failures (and all the successes too of course) then you have the power to change that and even more importantly…change yourself. Oh My God! Finally it makes sense. How to honestly look at your reality creation stop blaming others (giving away your power) and not blame yourself either but yes finally take responsibility for what you’ve created.

So you learn how to see your payoffs, the limited or negative beliefs that began the whole slow descent!

The emotions stuffed down in childhood because you couldn’t speak up…dared not! You discover you’re holding on to those distrusts, hurts and disappointments like that old favorite t shirt that has all the holes in it, looks terrible but feels oh so comfortable! And you question yourself. By finally investigating internally you turn on the flashlight of truth and go down to the basement and find those self-sabotages and disowned parts of yourself. You gather them and notice that they are often very small and weak. Not mighty at all. And you decide to forgive yourself…and take your power back.

You wake up. You open your eyes and even if it’s just baby steps, you start to pursue your vision…your dream. This feels exhilarating. You stretch and reach out and find higher ground. Funny there’s a staircase and you’ve never seen it before. Well it was really right around the corner just out of your peripheral vision, but now you can turn and notice and there it is…calling you forward. You give yourself permission to climb.

But then something wonderful yet sad happens. You look around and you notice that the people around you are still asleep. They’ve given up and are in the very same stupor you just threw off. Their unconsciousness and haziness are like a siren song and you could fall back into the slumber. This is terrible! This shouldn’t be happening. And then you have a realization. A realization of Love, and it’s hard to tell who benefits more… you… or them, because you can all work towards that bright future together. You see the possibility that if you wake them up and show them what you discovered they too can wake up, open their eyes and start dreaming!!!

Let the Dreams Begin!

Funny you’re excited about the possibilities again, but this time…it’s even deeper. The dream has gotten bigger. You want the people you love to come along. You want them to succeed too. You want to have fun with them and enjoy the ride. So you wake them up; gently perhaps, sometimes firmly but always with Love. Come with me you whisper in their ears…you can have a bright future because you are a powerful spiritual being having a human experience. This is supposed to be an amusement park…this time on Earth. It’s meant to be fun and thrilling. And so it begins…the healing of your world…the healing of the whole world beginning with you. An empowered world with empowered.

Like Bernie Taupin wrote…

“Love is the opening door. Love is what we came here for. No one can offer you more…do you know what I mean? Have your eyes really seen?”

Wake up…wake up open your eyes and start dreaming.