Who’s driving your car?

How many times have we all found ourselves in a situation shocked at our own feeble or inappropriate response? So many if us know the sinking  feeling of disappointment and the saying “the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray ” or how about “want to make God laugh… then tell him your plans“. These popular sayings communicate our own dis-empowerment. And we spread them around by repeating them and worst yet believing them.  But what if the truth is totally different than this? What if we really do create our reality (100%) and what if God is really not only out there somewhere but also an integral part of us and wants us all to succeed? And that means success in a form that is unique to each and everyone of us. He wants you to have what you truly want…not the aggrandized plans of the  part of you that doesn’t give a hoot if it’s good for the world or even you. Not your ego…but your heart. That silent presence that is waiting and hoping for fulfillment. 

So look at your life. Look at the results  of your efforts. Are you getting that you want? And by that I mean the emotional result… Happiness… Joy… Fulfillment. Go for that and the rest will follow but get clear about the what and the why.

 Letting go of these old limiting  and negative beliefs are very  helpful but in my experience I needed help to get out of the mud and back on the road so I could drive my car on the road to my Bright Future. It’s what I had always wanted, what many, many people promised me (and then didn’t deliver).  

 I saw how I was allowing my hurt and wounded child to get behind the wheel when I was being self centered and insecure. I learned how I was willing to get  into the passenger seat and giving the steering wheel to my adolescent whenever I craved attention and wanted to control circumstances and people all around me. 

But I had to give up the wheel. I had to  get into the passenger seat and let the wounded…and begging for help and recognition parts of me take over. 

 And I didn’t realize how hurt and wounded they were ( my inner child and adolescent) and that I was their only hope… their only way out. The only one who could still hear their cries for help… the only one who could actually heal them.

  • So how do you start to heal your inner child?
  • close your eyes…and go into stillness.
  • Go to them see them in their bedroom or where they would go hide to be by themselves. 
  • Talk to them… tell them you’re from their future and want to help them.
  • Ask them what they need? Ask them what they want?
  • hold them and tell them that you love them and will come to visit so they can stop feeling so alone.

This is just the beginning but it helps.

And so it is with you. You can start loving yourself by embracing the child you were ( and still are) and giving them the healing they need. They are really afraid when you had the car over to them…simply put they are not equipped to drive the car, to impact the course of your life. If you heal them in their world they won’t create havoc in your world. That’s how it works. And it works very well.

So who is driving your car? Let it be you.

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    • Valerie Lemme

      Hey Thanks for your kind words! I love what I do and I love life and writing about it. We are all here to have wonderful lives that work…hope you’ll keep in touch…if you sign up on my home page I always send out a notification when I post a new blog!!